Tips for Getting a Free Book

Once I am done with a book, with few exceptions, it is left on a shelf to taste the dust for years to come. I believe they are actually meant to be read once. If you are doing it right then you memorize all the scenes that a book has to offer. I have only gone twice for a book that had been a life changer for me and even in that scenario there always have been a couple of pages that gave me a kick. Thanks to the technology, e-books specifically, trees don’t have to suffer any more to be only read once. They are also helping down cutting the expenses on buying a book and then maintaining it on a shelf. Below are some tips on how to get free books.

1- Amazon
Amazon is the best website for finding anything that you might need. Not only you can find print books on discounted deals, there are a lot of great books by famous authors like Charles Dickens and Janes Austen that are available for free. Have a list of famous books that you want to read, go check out The Amazon and you won’t be disappointed.

2- Barnes & Noble
You don’t have to look out for the employees while trying to read a book at Barners & Noble for free. If you purchase their NOOE e-reader service you get to read hundreds and thousands of e-books that you can also download for free.

3- Google
Google is not just there for making things easy for you when you’re searching something online but also offers a variety of free e-books as well. Although finding a free e-book offered Google can be a little tricky, you just have to filter your search and look for the results that match your criteria e.g. free.

4- Kobo
Kobo is one of the best e-book websites because of its user-friendly navigation, usability, and database that contain more than a million e-books. It is impossible not to find a book of your taste on this awesome website.

5- Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg has been working as an e-book platform since 1971. Thousands of e-books are added into their huge database on a daily basis which is then made available for reading online as well as downloading for free. You don’t even have to sign up for an account to read a book.

6- lets you search a book from a database of 29,000 e-books with respect to titles, genre, languages and most importantly authors. You also get to download the e-book of your choice in a lot of convenient formats.

Like the name indicates, allows you to download free e-books which you can choose from their database of thousands of e-books and can download them in various convenient formats.

8- eBookMall
This awesome website is always updating their database with new collections of e-books from a variety of titles, topics, and authors. If you are a writer yourself then they can also be a great help for publishing your own original material.

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