I care passionately about the local church – I’m in my own church most Sundays. We meet on a large estate in Cardiff, a mixture of private and council-allocated housing, blocks of flats, and seemingly not much for young people to do (which is why they often end up ‘tagging’ the outside of our church with cans of spray paint).

But this is where God has called us to be: in the real world – surrounded by people who have real problems, real challenges, real needs, and real hurts.

That’s why I’m so excited about the Engage agenda. The day conferences have helped us benefit from what other people have learned the hard way. We have heard what churches the length and breadth of the UK have discovered helpful – and what they have discovered unhelpful, too.

robparsonsI hope that throughout this website you will be able to gain practical insights into how to mobilise your churches to ‘engage’ our communities and transform the lives of the people we meet.

Life is busy and for that very reason the Engage agenda does more than just talk about good ideas. It introduces ready-made programmes that you can use in your church and community – immediately.
I believe this can help make a real difference to our churches – and our communities. Please drop us a line telling us how you get on.

With best wishes,


Rob Parsons
Executive Chairman, Care for the Family